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For children under the age of 7

Parents must be registered in the Parish and using offering envelopes and are asked to bring the child’s birth certificate and the paperwork on the sponsors to the Church office.  Parents & sponsors must attend the preparation class.  Depending on the number of children the Baptism will be held on Saturdays or at Sunday Mass.

Two preparation classes are required. Please contact the Church office for more details. We serve those registered parishioners and those living in our boundaries.

Parents must be registered and active members in our Church for to six months or live in our Church boundaries.

The requirements:


must be registered and active members in the Parish for a minimum of six months and live within our Church boundaries.

must come to the Church office first in order to register and be able to

attend the Baptism class.

Not just show up for the class.

the paperwork includes: the child’s birth certificate and the Sponsor’s Church Marriage certificate.

You may register any time however all paperwork should be turned in one month before the baptism.

all paperwork must be turned in to the Church office and not taken to the class.

6)  pay the registration fee

7)  attend the required class.


Married Sponsors:

must be Catholics who are active and practicing their faith.

must be married by the Catholic Church.  They are required to present their Church marriage certificate, not the civil marriage license; no wedding pictures accepted.

Single Sponsors:

each one must be practicing their Catholic faith.

Single Sponsors means “living alone”; they must be over 18 years of age and they must present their Sacraments of Baptism, First

Communion, and Confirmation certificates. No pictures.

attend the required class.

Both Parents and Sponsors (Godparents or Padrinos) must attend the class which is held on a Thursday.  Please check the schedule.

The English class will be held in an available student classroom at 7:00 PM.   Please be on time.  

No babies or children are allowed in class because they are a distraction.  Do not use your cell phone or text in class, better to turn it off.  

Do not carry on conversations.  Pay attention to the instructor.

We ask that you please pay attention and follow the Father’s instructions during the Baptism.

Failure in attendance or tardiness to the class will postpone your child’s Baptism until the class is made up.

The Baptism for your child will occur after the class has been completed.

The registration fee should be paid when registering.  This fee covers the paperwork completed and the instructor’s time.

Parents wanting to baptize here and that are from outside our Parish boundaries, must baptize in their Parish.   

Also, if the Sponsors are receiving Baptismal instructions in another Parish, please bring the verification to our Church office ONE WEEK before the Baptism.

If you cannot attend the Baptism class

or cannot be present at the Baptism ceremony, please contact the Church office