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Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

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 We welcome New Parishioners!!

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Twenty– Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


      To all the Parish Community:

How you become an active parishioner? First of all, you need to fill out the registration form. It is important that you register in the parish for many reasons. For example, if you want to act like a sponsor you would be ask to fill out a form and it needs to be signed by your pastor, or maybe you need a letter to act like as sponsor somewhere else and need a letter to verify you are an active member and capable Catholic, or you may need a letter for immigration purposes or something else, we may help you if you are an active parishioner. Some time you will ask a sacrament like a baptism or matrimony, or you want to celebrate the 15th birthday for a girl, or maybe you want to register your children for the religious education, we will ask you if you are an active member to help you. If you live outside of our boundaries and you need a service or letter from us, you should be a register and active member. We consider that you are an active member when you use your envelopes every week or at least three times per month.

What constitutes an active Catholic? Being an active Catholic means that you have received all the three Sacraments of Initiation, namely Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. An active Catholic is also someone who is able to receive the Holy Communion, the sacrament of Confession, and attends to Mass every Sunday. If is married, he or she should be married by the Catholic church. An active Catholic means that you participate in your parish in some way and support the needs of the Church.

Who is able to act like sponsor or Godparent? According to the teachings of the Church ad to the Canon Law (can. 872-874) the person who intends to act like sponsor should be an active Catholic. A sponsor is someone capable to fulfill the mission of being sponsor and someone who wants to accomplish it. This person has to be an adult, Catholic, already Confirmed, able to receive Holy Communion, and non affected for any restriction by the Canon Law (i.e. living in civil marriage, have rejected the teaching of the Church or have denied the Catholic faith). When you choose a sponsor, please, verify with this person (or couple) that are able to act like a sponsor. Forcing or putting pressure upon him/her/them to act like a sponsor is non acceptable and you put yourself and the other person(s) in risk of going against the 8th  Commandment (for example, when you affirm that a person is single but he/she is living with someone, or the couple is married by the Church but they are only civilly married,  or that he/she is Confirmed but is not) and that is a mortal sin.