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Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

4100 Blue Mound Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76106



 We welcome New Parishioners!!

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Rachel’s Vineyard

Many women who regret their abortions have no one to turn to who can help them validate and work through their grief.  They feel isolated and become trapped in the mistaken belief that no one can understand their feelings.

Come find help, understanding, and hope on a Rachel Retreat.

Rachel Ministries


Next English Retreat Sept. 15

Church Registration

If you attend Mass and tithe here at Guadalupe Church but have not filled out a registration form you are not yet a member here.  Everyone, age 21 years and older should register as a Church member.  The registration forms are found on the web page (fwolg.com) or at the small bookstore at the main entrance of the Church.

For the weekly collection, please use any envelope you have at home and write your first and last name and address and put your donation in that envelope. Use your envelopes until you receive the Church envelopes in the mail. Please, write down your full name to avoid confusions, especially when some families have the same last name.  

Thank you!

We know that talking to Jesus about your vocation can be scary.  We are here to help you explore Jesus' tremendous love for you, which is what ALL vocations are about, LOVE.

Discernment Weekends Young women 18+        December 15-17

Come & See Day Young women 14-18                   November 11

The good news is that the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth are also all about LOVE.  Join us for one of our events to learn more about God's loving plan for you.