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What Is Prayer?

Prayer is one of the most basic activities of all Christians, not just Catholics, and yet it is also one of the least understood. While Christians should pray daily, many find that they do not know what to pray for. Once we understand that prayer is not simply asking God for something, but engaging in conversation with God and with His saints, however, prayer can become as natural as talking to our family and friends.

Types of Prayer

We're all familiar with prayers of petition--asking God for something. But there are many other types of prayer, as well, and a healthy prayer life will use all of the types every day. Learn about the types of prayer and find examples of each type.

Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?

While all Christians pray, only Catholics and Eastern Orthodox pray to the saints. This sometimes leads to great confusion among other Christians, who believe that prayer should be reserved for God alone. But if we understand what prayer truly is, and we believe in life after death, then prayer to the saints makes perfect sense.

Top 10 Prayers Every Catholic Child Should Know

Teaching your children to pray can be a daunting task, but it is made much easier through the memorization of common prayers that your children can say throughout the day. Find the major prayers that will shape the daily prayer life of your children, from the moment they rise in the morning until they go to bed at night.